1. Garden Fresh Sides And Sauces
    Garden Fresh Sides And Sauces
    All of our sauces, condiments and sides are prepped fresh and made in house daily to ensure the best quality possible.
  2. 1881 Pastry
    1881 Pastry
    Have you tried our handmade truck-style desserts and pastries yet?! If you answered no, you need to stop reading, and run to find us ASAP.
  3. Tastes Of Boston
    Tastes Of Boston
    Our Boston Lobstah Roll has become a cult classic around town. It is chased down more than Lindsey Lohan leaving a party. What's not to love after all?
  4. Gourmet Street Taco's
    Gourmet Street Taco's
    We have become famous for our new-age take on this street classic. We hand-make our fresh tortillas daily, and only use the freshest ingredients.
  5. Our Gourmet Restaurant On Wheels
    Our Gourmet Restaurant On Wheels
    We custom built this bad boy from the inside out, putting a drastic emphasis on making sure we were capable of doing anything under the sun solely on the truck.
  6. 1881 Catering
    1881 Catering
    We love doing private events. Call us for your next wedding, formal, work function or private gathering ... Heck we even do small dinner parties!