China Clearly Signals It’s Prepared to Use a Key Component in Phones as It Fights U.S. Trade War

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The Chinese government is showing signs that it’s ready to use rare earth metals as a bargaining chip in the trade war between the U.S. and China that’s escalated over recent weeks.

The move would be likely to spark a swift reaction from China and possibly prompt a trade war between China. to prepare a set of trade actions against China that would be likely to provoke a.

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Rare earth minerals are key components of smart phones, jet engines and cameras — and soon they could be at the forefront of the U.S.-China trade war. On Wednesday, amid inflamed tensions with the U.S., Beijing issued a thinly veiled threat that it’s preparing to target exports of rare earth.

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1.Information warfare is considered necessary to the Chinese government to support its objectives and strategy. 2.China views cyberspace as a way of compensating for its deficiency in conventional warfare. 3.cyber warfare is incorporated in military training in China. 4.The Chinese government restricts the use of cyber warfare to the Chinese.

Let’s examine an iPhone 7 a little more closely to see how much value China is actually getting. Start with the most valuable components that make up an iPhone: the touch screen display, memory chips, microprocessors and so on. They come from a mix of U.S., Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese companies, such as Intel, Sony, Samsung, and Foxconn.

News: Politics China Clearly Signals It’s Prepared to Use a Key Component in Phones as It Fights U.S. Trade War: China supplies 80% of all rare earth metals used by the U.S. ( submitted 20 days ago by SE_to_NW

While in Court and speaking in Minneapolis, however, the US China Trade War continued with developments in a number of different litigation areas, including Trade, Customs, 337/Patent litigation, Antitrust and securities law. trade. SOLAR CELLS CASE. Eurobiz in China published my article on the Solar Cells Trade War. See the attached document.