Podcast: How KFC appeals to global tastes and keeps its 11 herbs and spices secret

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KFC’s top executive said the mystique of the Colonel’s blend of herbs and spices, along with its taste, gives the chain a leg up on the competition. "This secret recipe really ensures that we have a product that people love and that nobody else can serve them," Dedrick said.

KFC is world famous for its original recipe fried chicken made with the same secret blend of "11 herbs and spices". Its head quarter is in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. KFC is wholly owned subsidiary company of Yum! Brands. KFC issued its first Franchise in 1952 in south salt lake, Utah.

Perfecting its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices in 1939, KFC has come a long way. With over 10,000 outlets in the world, KFC has maintained its title, for the last 60 years, of being the chicken experts. opening the first KFC outlet in Gulshan-e- Iqbal in 1997. KFC.

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Also, based on the last time I had kfc, I’m guessing yum brands changed the 11 herbs and spices to salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder and msg. That’s just half of it. The full recipe is salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, msg, salt, salt, msg, pepper, salt and msg.

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What are Colonel Sanders KFC 11 secret Herbs and Spices The truth is that no one knows because the recipe was discontinued sometime after the sale of the company back in 1964.

There’s an important difference here between spices and herbs. Many, many spices are not only fine, but best when dry. Herbs are much more variable. Leaves are more delicate than seeds, bark, and roots, and some leaves are more delicate than others.