Cubans seek US dreams via Mexico

Cubans arriving in Juarez last month said they paid smugglers about $2,000 to reach the U.S. border, plus $150 to $400 in the southern Mexico border city of Tapachula for a lawyer to obtain a.

Cubans seeking asylum in limbo at Hidalgo bridge. HIDALGO – When Yasir set out from Piar del Ro, an eastern province in Cuba and the island’s tobacco hub, he never imagined that when he finally reached the U.S.-Mexico border he would find himself camped out on the pedestrian bridge separating the two countries.

Salvadoran Father Reunited With Family After Months in Detention Salvadoran father reunited with daughter after month-long separation. Trump reversed course last week, ordering an end to the separations. But the government still had 2,047 children in custody as of Tuesday, a senior official said. Guidos was accompanied by relatives bearing "welcome home" signs and gifts for the girl, who had spent the past month in a detention center in Phoenix, according to her father.

Cuban exiles in the US may soon be able to sue companies that use property seized from them in the Cuban revolution. If Trump moves to allow that, it could slow economic development in Cuba. Trump.

Journalists on the ground say many migrants caught wind of this latest caravan via messaging. to enter the United States.” That covers all ports of entry: airports, maritime ports, and the land.

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The term "Cuban exile" refers to the many Cubans who fled from or left the island of Cuba.These people consist of two primary groups loosely defined by the period of time occurring before and after the Mariel boat lift of the 1980s. The pre-Mariel group consisted of the mostly middle and upper classes of the island who fled due to fear of widespread reprisals after the communist takeover led.

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For many years, Cubans entering through the southern border generally flew to South America and tried to come into the U.S. at Laredo, Texas. But now many are using a relatively new and shorter route: They fly to Panama or Nicaragua, pay smugglers to help them reach the U.S. border, and seek to come across at El Paso.

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Havana Cuba Nightlife, actually people or locals in Havana Cuba do not like to party in clubs, maybe it is because of the low income levels, most of the people go to Malecon wall along havana city.

‘Obama’s decision is killing our dreams’: Cubans who risked it all trying to enter U.S. now change course. said some 40,000 Cubans arrived in the United States in 2015 and about 54,000 in 2016.